Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Part 2

Labor Day at the Craig's only means that Brent doesn't go to his normal day job. That's it, period. So there was still "labor" happening. But this Labor Day was a little more special than others as it was Brent's BIRTHDAY. I won't post any baby pics. Not because I don't want to but because I'm not exactly sure where they are at-at this moment.

  • Because Brent celebrated his birthday by helping his parents put a new "drying floor" in an old grain bin, he was gone Monday morning. Garrett went w/Brent to help and Maddie, Owen and I stayed home to sort some garage sale items. But we did eat lunch w/him at Grandpa and Grandma's. She made Garrett's favorite -mashed potatoes w/hb gravy over top. Gravy is one thing that I can't make unless it comes from a package and all I have to do is add milk or water. (I know pretty pathetic!).
  • While at G&G's we were able to see Garrett's calf. They have to leave the cow/calf pair in the barn because G's cow never claims her calf. We have decided that this is the last calf for her. We are keeping a heifer from last year to replace the cow. Sad thing is "white face" (g named this cow when he was 2) always has a very nice calf. This year was no exception.
  • Owen liked the calf. He wanted to pet him, but then again-maybe not.

  • After we at lunch w/Brent we headed to my parents house to hang out and do a little fishing. According to the solar tables, it was supposed to be a perfect afternoon for fishing. And it WAS. The fish were biting anything. From grasshoppers, to frogs, to hot dogs, and even the spinner. My mom went thru almost a half a hot dog as bait for one fish. I can't remember if she did catch it the thing or not. But the water was clear enough and shallow enough that we could see the fish biting. It was fun. Bad part of the afternoon was that Owen did NOT have a nap. He was not so much fun, but the older 2 had fun.

Although, Garrett did have an issue w/a fish. We had so many in the bucket that one jumped out and as he was picking it back up to put back in, he caught his thumb on a fin. Gave him a little poke and was bleeding. (I promise his zipper is up, I think that is a belt and not underwear)This is the creek that runs right below my parents house. I can't believe we used to swim in it. Although Monday it didn't look too bad. But man it can be dirty!

Maddie forever posing. But w/a bass really???? My dad caught this with his spinner. All the fish we caught we took to the pond in the pasture in hopes that we can fish there in a couple of years.

  • Monday night Garrett had a soccer game. It was a beautiful night. Garrett even scored 2 goals. He and his team played WAY better than the first game. He actually enjoyed himself.
  • After soccer game we went to wendy's for a treat and to celebrate Brent's bday. By Monday night though we were all shot. Overall a great weekend.

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