Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend-part 1

It DID and it DIDN't seem like we had a busy weekend. But all of us are still exhausted, so we must have been doing SOME things. Our long weekend really didn't an agenda or specific plans. BUT
  • Brent refereed Friday night. Our family is officially w/out dad or husband for some 8 weeks of Friday nights, probably more...

  • Friday night I canned another 6 qts of whole tomatoes and 12 cups of pizza sauce while listening to the Tigers when their football game and the kids watched a movie in the basement. Even Owen watched the whole movie and only came upstairs for more popcorn and pop!
  • Brent refereed 3 Pop Warner League FB games Sat. morning. And then we finished putting in the laminate wood floors in the spare room in basement. Still have window trim and baseboard and move everything back into the room, but we are making some progress.

  • Saturday night was the BIG event of the weekend. No, we didn't make it to the KSU FB game, but we went to the LONGFORD PARADE AND RODEO.

Owen and Maddie's Cowboy Hat

Garrett and Maddie on Longford Church Float for parade

Owen's Cowboy Boots (that are 3 sizes too big, but still insists on wearing them!)

I'm really mad that I didn't get a pic of Maddie's new boots that she got as an early bday present. She still is holding out hope that a HORSE will appear. Yea, probably not this year. Did I mention we don't have any pets and we LIKE it that way...oh, that's a whole other post.

  • On Sunday we hit a family reunion after church. Then we had naps and Brent went to a fantasy fb draft and I picked up the house and played outside. Sunday night we did nothing. It was wonderful not have a schedule of some sort.

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