Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stuff, stuff and more stuff......

The Webster defines stuff as: 1. materials, supplies, or equipment used in various activities. 2.material to be manufactured, wrought, or used in construction. 3.a finished textile suitable for clothing.

Ok so their are 8 different defintions. But the one I like best is this: 6a : fundamental material. Ding Ding! That is what I have! All my stuff is "fundamental Material"

I read what old Mr. Webster defined as "fundamental material": stuff of greatness....inserting my deflated balloon here-. I don't have "stuff of greatness". Ok. so maybe I thought at one time it was stuff of greatness, but now my style and size has changed. Now it is purely defintions #1 & 2, and 3

I am having a garage sale this weekend. I truly thought I didn't have much. But I have done some major purging these last few weeks. I really do enjoy having a garage sale. The prep stuff is a bit much, but to see the stuff going and not coming back and a little change in my pocket is always exctiting for me. But this time: I am just sick of the stuff. These questions come flooding to me:

  1. Where did this come from?
  2. Have I used this within a year?
  3. Does this fit?
  4. Will I wear this ever again?
  5. What was I thinking?
  6. Can I get a quarter out of this or should I just pitch it?
  7. Garrett & Maddie will never know.....
  8. Will Owen ever where this and is 6 years too long to keep a hold of these pants?
  9. What on earth is this?
  10. This still has TAGS on it.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE garage sales. I get a rush. I am sooo afraid that I am going to miss out on a good deal. That I have a hard time staying home. So I get all excited and go and then disappointed that I didn't get the bargain that I wanted! Notice I said WANTED not needed!!! Its a vicious cycle. I have a garage sale to get rid of my stuff only to want to GO to garage sales to get more stuff!!! I will have to say this is my 2nd well maybe 3rd garage sale this year. Eeewww. saying that publically makes me feel waaaaaay bad. First one I threw some stuff on my sisters garage sale just to give an appearance that we had a lot of stuff. My sister in law and I had another one in May. Case in point: It was wakefield city wide that same day. I wanted to leave the garage sale where I was selling -to go to wakefield and garage sale to buy!

However the stuff that I have is pretty "decent stuff " AND someone else's stuff is another persons treasure!!! So if you are looking for:

  1. Dining Room table w/leaf and chairs

  2. Boys sz 12-24mo

  3. Boys 8-10 (s & m)

  4. Girls 6-8 (s)

  5. changing table

  6. baby monitor

  7. household

  8. young adult clothing

  9. 2 stock pots

  10. some decor & misc.

Then have I got the place for you!!! And this is just my list. My sister in law has laser printer, scrapbooking, infant and young adult clothing. My sister also has a blue library (sititng chair) and some other goodies as well..

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Lori Craig said...

You can't sell the boys 12-24 month stuff. Give it to me. HAHAHA!!!!!! Anyway, hope you have fun and sell a lot!