Monday, September 21, 2009


At 5am on Sept 20, 2002 I awoke to some pains. By 7am we were waiting for my mother in law to come watch Garrett. By 8:30am I am in the hospital awaiting an epidural. (I don't have a high pain tolerance). By 10:15 I call to check on Garrett and am feeling GREAT! By 10:45 my husband is getting testy because I want to watch the price is right instead of timing contractions. Duh...that is what the machine is for, plus I had no feeling! By 11:12am I want the labor nurse to stand in front of the mirror that I am looking directly into, because I refuse to look at myself pushing a child, w/my legs half UP in the air-I know, I know, TMI. At 11:14am on her due date Maddison Jenae Craig came into the world w/a ton of black hair-just like her mama did 30 some years ago!

Wow how time travels fast and a mom can get teary just writing this all out! Yesterday my little dark haired baby is now BLONDE and SEVEN! And missing her 2 front teeth!

She was all about pink and princess this bday. I tell you what, just when I think she couldn't be any more tom boy she puts this out! She saw a cake simliar to this in a cookbook from the library. The crown I bought for a buck at walmart and it even lights up! I think the cake looks like it has chickn pox, but she wanted "pearls". So Clay Gourmet came thru and found us these edible pearls. However-if you have any ideas on how to use them let me know because I have about 1000 left!
Clothes were the gifts of choice this year. It was so fun to have everyone get together. Maddison had a great day. Her prayer last night was - she couldn't wait until she was 8!


J said...

I was just wondering the other day if she was still into cowgirl stuff. Happy Birthday Maddie.

Geiger Family said...

I'm glad to know you haven't taken back my gift yet, Maddison... Nice outfit!!! :)