Thursday, October 22, 2009

How on earth?

In the below post I mentioned that I was doing some cooking today.  Yesterday I had done some as well and thought I should finish.  I wish I could say that I am a lot more of a baker.  I look at recipes and think I can handle this, but after I start I realize that there is sometimes a lot more than just a 5 star rating on all recipes-with a few tweeks here and there.  EVERYONE says its easy, but sometimes I think they are stretching the truth. 

My reason for baking: There are two lovely ladies at our church who both had baby girls in the last 2 weeks.  I thought I would bake them some food.  (Jenny and Kelly I have NO idea if you read this, but if you do please know that I will get you food it just won't be in the freezer today).  Thought I would try this new cinnamon roll recipe I have used it before, but fairly new.  Let me say first that the bread machine does the work w/the dough- the dough tastes great-the roll out is fairly easy-filling is superb (yes I have taste tested EVERY STEP thus far).I roll up and cut -this too is easy w/a bread knife- STOP -this is where I think I scewed up.  I think I put too many across.  I did 4 and thinking I should have only done 3.  But not being an experienced baker and not sure of myself and for that rolls looked sooo small I did 4.  For you bakers out there could this be my problem?  If not, please please tell me. 

Now I would like to think that frosting them w/the yummy frosting would help the looks , but I don't think in going w/my new banner on this blog.
My family is THANKFUL they have an ENTIRE pan of cinnamon rolls to eat. I am THANKFUL they don't care what they look like as long as the TASTE ok.