Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Mother - In - Law

My mother - in - law has a birthday today. (insert picture here, oh wait I can't find one, because she doesn't sit still long enough)

This lady is completely, undoubtedly, a Proverbs 31 women. She is a pure joy! She gets up waaaay before anyone else and goes to bed waaaaaaaaay later than anyone else. And in between, those 18 hours, she is WORKING. Working Hard. Her hands are cracked and callused. She is always hurrying. This lady eats every meal cold, because she doesn't sit still long enough to eat it hot. She can pull a calf, drive a tractor, dig a post, repair fence, bale, drive a truck, shovel grain, grow beautiful flowers, make a cake, chicken n noodles over mashed potatoes, teach SS and even does some preaching now and then. This truly is the short of a verrrrry long list.

Though I have only known her for 14 years, her spirit and kindness have never waivered. She is complete. The last couple of years has been "when it rains it pours" kinda years. She was severely injured by a bull who threw her up over a fence at the vet. And broke her upper arm and was in a cast for weeks (very LONNNNNNNNNNG weeks for her) about a year later she had a freak accident and was burned when burning brush at the farm. She has recovered completely and is back to work full force.

She (along w/her husband) have raised 3 very hard working men. Who in turn married 3 very lovely ladies! Debbie hasn't been pampered much. But us girls are slowly but surely changing that! We've managed to get her to try a few more "girlie"things, but she will and forever be "a very practical women"

Another quality about her is her willingness to help out whenever and wherever. She can babysit at the drop of the hat. She came and helped stain our logs in our house. And not long after we moved in she came and removed the snake in our house that had found its way behind the dishwasher. (Brent and I both hate snakes). She helps not only family, but ANYONE. Sometimes I want to say it is ok to say NO you don't have to do EVERYTHING.

This lady rocks. A true Proverbs 31 women! Happy Birthday Debbie!

PS-She won't read this because they don't own a computer, but I can still brag on her..

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