Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Update on Jeans Shopping

Well I tried again today. A different town and my mom went with me, to help w/Owen. A good thing she went because the O-man decided that sleeping in the stroller while strolling thru the mall, just wasn't his kind of thing. And there were still a few moments of screeching and whining in the dressing room, but far less than if I would have been by myself. After trying on pair after pair, I finally narrowed it down to about 4 pairs. But then price factor came into affect and that bumped down to 2. SO I did find some, and it was a gut-check when I got the bill. I think I will keep the tags on them a little bit longer. One moment I am thinking, "I'm done, I'm done." Another, "I can't keep these, I need too many other things." We shall see....

Even though I found 2 pairs there were A LOT of pairs that didn't make the cut. I still FIRMLY and WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree w/my previous jean post. I still don't know who designs/makes jeans these days. However today, I must have had a some-what real person, that somehow slipped into the design room, somehow managed to get these into production and out on the shelves.

But trust me when I say I'm gonna pay and not just money!

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