Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Hunting

My parents have a big garden. With a good amount of rain this summer they had a very nice pumpking patch. The pumpkins were HUGE. Friday night the kids and I (Brent was officiating) went an hung out w/them. After a quick fishing trip we built a bonfire and waited for my mom to get home from work. After she arrived home the kids got to pick out their pumpkins.
Maddie and her pumpkin (so big she can sit on it)
Garrett's pumpkin.
Owen sitting on his pumpkin.
After roasting hotdogs and marshmellows I stuck Owen in the tub and the kids carved a pumpkin that had one good side. The other side wasn't terrible, but it just didn't make the "decorating cut" . Instead it made the "carving cut". Garrett and Maddie drew out the face and my dad carved it.

Finished Product
Owen is SCARED TO DEATH of this. We brought this pumpkin home and had it waiting for Brent when he got home! Thanks mom and dad for a really fun night.


Unknown said...

I just love fall, pumpkins, harvest, candles, crisp favorite time of year! Tell Garrett, great jack-o-lantern!

Ann said...

I love your header!! It looks great! How did you do that???
Ann Ohlde

The 5 C's said...

Ann-I wasted a TON of time. I went to and found the free banner stuff and followed directions. I saved it in my picasa stuff and then messed w/it then. I REALLY wanted to put a picture in the square but could not figure that out. Hoping you are more computer savy than I.

If anyone knows how to get a pic in the square let me know.