Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009
Weather was absolutely gorgeous.  It was a sad day of sorts.  G-Man was sick.  Fever-cough-you know that gross stuff that is going around. Anyway....So G had to stay home.  He did put on his cape to take 3 pics but then had the chills so bad he had to go back inside.  He was going to be a vampire.  He will be that for next year-whew...don't have to think about that for 364 more days.

Owen was a monkey.  Oh wait that was what he SUPPOSED to be but decided Friday night that a Monkey just wasn't his thing.  Thus -always the fall back-Cowboy.  This is the same outfit G wore about same age-  We hot glued the chaps to make them shorter.  We are good to be a cowboy for another 3 years!

Maddison -KSU Cheerleader (even though she says she likes KU-YUCKO)

Brent stayed home with G while I took the kids to our church for Harvestfest.  It was nice.  Kids had a good time bowling, fishing, bb, tic -tac-toe, and a treat walk.  They were loaded before we even went trick or treating. 

I picked up a movie and pizza and pop for Garrett.  Maddison went w/some Very very nice and gracious friends to go trick or treating.  I took Owen home-What he doesn't know won't hurt him!  Brent and I watched KSU almost pull it out over OU and G watched his movie.  Owen back and forth between the two. 

And THAT is how Halloween 2009 went and a WHOLE year to wait.  (wishing it was every 3 years-but that is just me!)

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