Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I took Owen to the ENT Dr for his 6 month tube check up this morning.  His ears aren't infected, BUT his TUBES are. Sigh...so we are back to the drops that cost me an arm and a leg last time.  However-GOD IS GOOD.  My reg. peditrician had SAMPLES!  Remember the rash caused by all the gross drainage last time. Well, prayers please that we don't have that problem again.  My reg. family dr also did a strep test, because Owen hasn't really ate anything for 3 days.  He's been living off of milk and fruit chews.  Tested negative for that.  Thinking something viral and/or ear issues.  He hasn't had a fever since last night so hoping we are on the mend.  He didn't fight Brent tonight w/the drops, praying I have that same luck in the morning.