Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Days

So we had some snow on Monday night and Tuesday. A lot of snow.  More snow than I have seen in awhile.  Thank goodness no ice came first.  The kids got out of school Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Garrett bundled up.  Trying to build a snowman.  This wasn't the "packin' snow".  This was light and fluffy snow. 

Owen in his 5T snowpants.  They were a little big, but they worked!

Maddison in her Layers as well.

View to the north

Group shot (maddison's picture taking skills come from her mother!  One in 2 shots has her eyes closed!)

These are Wednesday morning "after the storm" pics.  Man did the wind blow.  I thought a few times we were going to blow away..One fence post is buried.  But other spots in our yard were almost bare. 
(my apologies on the pics, but I took these from inside! It was too stinkin' cold for me and plus G had to wear my snow boots.  Apparently we don't own any his size!  )

Looking out our bedroom window off the wrap around porch.  Notice around the trampoline hardly any snow.

Garrett and Owen Thursday morning chillin'.  We did have school today, but on 2 hour delay.  So the boys had a little more hanging out time.

We did have a few rough moments during the snow days, but all in all had fun. Brent took off Wedneday and went to help his parents out choring.  A lot more work when it snows like this.  The fence line feed bunks were full of snow.  Anyway. Garrett and Brent were gone so it was Owen, Maddie and I yesterday.  We played and did a few little things then Maddie and I had a tea party during O's nap time.  It was a simple affair.  She had Pepsi, I had Sprite and each a cinnmon roll, BUT we did use her little china set.  Then we painted fingernails.  AND we made supper, Rice Krispie Christmas Trees & Carmel Chex mix.  If you have never made or had Carmel Chex Mix.  MAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  BEWARE-That is one of the most addicting foods I have EVER had and trust me I have had a lot!  It needs its own special "warning" sign.  But oh soo good, but oh soo bad for you. 

Hoping everyone enjoyed their snow days.  Now back to the grind we go....

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