Saturday, December 5, 2009

Garrett and Maddison's Trees

When we went to SD over the summer we stayed w/my aunt.  She was doing a little house cleaning and purging.  My kids thought it absolutely awesome to go through her closet and see all that she had.  She is the family's "heirloom and picture" gal.  I think because her house is big that a lot of things get left at her house.  So while going though the closet we found 2 apartment size Christmas trees.  Kids grabbed them up and we brought them home.  Up into the attic that sat from July to Dec.  Out they came this morning.

Garrett's Tree. He decorated this all by himself. 
 (and yes I know this looks like a fire hazard!)

Garrett's Tree (and window) all lit up!

Of course Maddison chose pink for her tree.  The silver garland came with the tree. 

Maddison's tree all lit up.  And she decorated all by herself as well!

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Katie said...

They did fantastic jobs - do they want to come here and decorate our tree?! It's been up (a fake one) for almost a month now with no lights or ornaments...whoops!