Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tale of two Chairs I haven't really been good about updating.  I haven't really had much to share.  I mean I have pics from Christmas, and I could post, but do you really care that Maddison got 3 of the same Taylor Swift Cd?  Totally my fault-thinking next year need to keep my lists a little more organized!  Owen got cows, cows, tractors,tractors and more of each.  He's totally in love w/them.  Garrett got wii games.  He's been the basement all week and barely comes back up for air!  I know, I know, his "screen" time is overloaded, but hey-he's going back to school in a few days.  Its Christmas Vacation!  That should update everyone on Christmas....

My little tale is a month in the making...

These 3 chairs are in our basement. They are theatre seats that can be hooked together to make "one" section. We actually have 2 sections.  EXACTLY the same! 

  • On December 1st while Owen is/was potty training.  While I was working out, he pe'ed his pants. 

  • With wet pants.  Sat on arm rest and then crawled over another armrest and sat on the cushion of this chair.

  • This armrest.

  • When buying these chairs we new they would get a lot of wear being in the basement.  We "live" in our house, meaning we do eat and drink on our furniture and in the basement and to be honest, hope for the best. 

  • 99 percent of time we don't do warranties. 

  • We did  do warranty on this "sectional" along with the other "sectional" which is EXACTLY the same so they match in the basement

  • Called company w/in 5 minutes to come clean "soiled" areas (company requires calling them w/5 DAYS of problem)  again I called within/5 minutes

  • No problem just fill out papers the lady will email me, w/all warranty information

  • They will put in the claim and get someone to come clean "soiled spots"

  • Sent papers back to warranty company

  • Earliest cleaning company can come Dec. 16 between 5-8pm.  Really almost 3 weeks after occuracnce?  That is the soonest????  Ok...whatever I called to confirm time and address

  • Dec 15 cleaning company calls -guy will be running behind on Dec. 16 can we push the appointment back to 6-9pm?  Really??? you already know he is going to be late??  Whatever sure come between 6-9PM

  • Dec. 16 5:30 pm-Cleaning guy calls himself.  He is running late it will be around 8:30 or 9:00pm before he will get there. Really??? Can he still come?  What are my options?  Cancel appointment and they will reschedule again?  Really?  Already has been 3 weeks? How long will cleaning actually take?  How many pieces am I cleaning?  Really you don't know that?  Don't you have my paper work?  Oh, I'm guessing 30-45 minutes?  Are you going to be loud?  I have kids that will be sleeping?  No, I shouldn't be too loud?  No I don't want to cancel. Come at 9PM.

  • 9:30pm  Cleaning guy calls again.  Sorry still running late.  Really??? Can I come at 10PM.  Are you kidding me????? NO way.  Cancel appointment!

  • Dec. 17 still no cleaning.  Call warranty company again.  Said what kind of servicemen do they hire?  Why on earth would I let a stranger come into my house at 10pm to clean something that is 3 weeks old?  Really????  Am I just a bum because I go to bed at 9:30 or 10pm?  Is this normal practice?  They assure me  it is not.  She will see what they can do?

  • Dec. 18-Warranty company calls back.  - They will replace the pieces that are soiled, if they can find same make, model, and fabric?  Really just like that?  Really?  Yes they would do that.  Really?  what do they know that I don't know? She will check w/NFM and place the order.  Really?  Cool.. some companies DO still stand by their word!

  • Dec. 22-Warranty company calls.  SO SORRY can't find make and model to match!  Really?  I knew it was too good to be true!  We will do an extensive search to find a another cleaning guy in area to come clean?  Really 21 days later???  Really?  Fine whatever I just want it cleaned.

  • Dec. 23 cleaning company calls Jan 14 is first available appointment (left on answering machine) Before I even have a chance to call them back..Warranty company calls.  So they can't find a cleaing guy in area.  Really?  Who just called me...oh-the ORGINAL cleaning company...Really can't find a cleaning person?  Now what? 

  • Dec. 30. Store credit...really?  really?  We can go pick out whatever we want?  YEP.. already got the call from NFM saying that they would be sending us a letter w/our reference number and everything. 

  • Store credit is good for anything that "GUARDSMAN" will cover.  Really?????  Really?

  • Excited-but don't really need anything.  Oh-sure I WANT a ton of stuff

  • NOT getting my hopes up until after I receive letter!



Katie said... fingers are crossed that A) you get the letter and this "credit" they speak of IS true! and B) that NFM sells good items that guardsman covers! know, NFM is in our area. ;) So, when are you coming to visit?!

beth foster said...

whew. I'm pooped after reading that.
good luck! you will have to keep me posted...

Hays Family 5 said...

So are you cleaning them yourself? I have a small steam cleaner that you might be interested in does wonders on pee. And vomit. Just sayin'.

Hays Family 5 said...

I'll take that bun recipe, please.