Monday, January 4, 2010


Well....its been almost a week since we were promised a "credit" at NFM.  I also told you I wasn't going to get my hopes until I receieved the letter.  I've been holding my breath. 

TAAA-DAAAAA - IT came in the mail today!  All said and true we have our credit. Woo Hoooooo.  Now I can do some serious research and thinking on what it is that we need...

I forgot to mention in the last post, we were able to "buy" back our "old" furniture from Guardsman.  Meaning that when NFM delivers our new stuff they don't take the "old" on top of all of this we get to keep our orginial pieces for a small price.  Going to try and get the stain out myself.  I was hesitant to try anything before we had all paperwork, in case they decided to try to clean it after all.

So if I can get the stain out, not sure where the credit will go.  But so excited of the possibilities! 

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Katie said...

That's it. I'm hiring YOU to handle any furniture problems we may have! That's so awesome it was all true!!! Happy shopping!!! :D