Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Present

I got my Christmas Present FINALLY in the mail yesterday.  Its NOT the red hot mixer.  My mixer is the industrial gray/black.  Quite cool too, if you ask me.  No the gift is the handy little white thing.  The thing slices and shredds in 4 different sizes.  I used the coarse shredder size last night for cheese.  I shredded 2 blocks of cheese in about 30 seconds.  COOL.  I got a little "high" off of that.  Oh the things that I can do.  I MIGHT try potatoes tonight.  Altough my family is not a real big fried potatoe or hasbrown family.  Its not the potatoes its the fact that I don't drowned them in oil! Or all the zuchini from the garden this summer?  Oh this so beats the hand greater..I got my present.. yah,yah, yah!  Thank you to my hubby for thinking of me.( even if you did order Dec. 23!)

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