Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not so much

So things have been fairly relaxed this week.  Or maybe I should say I have been making them very relaxed.  That's code for I haven't done a DARN thing.  Oh well..there is always tomorrow. 

On Sunday it finally warmed up enough that we could go sledding for more than 5 minutes w/out freezing. 

Garrett break dancing on the pond.  I think it was more he couldn't stand up for more than 2 seconds w/out falling down.

Garrett pushing maddie on the ice.  She was a little nervous on the pond..

I will say I was a litle nervous as well.  I knew it was not going to break, but STILL.  Where there big cracks in the pond, we could see it was atleast a foot thick, but STILL.  So we didn't stay too long  out there.

and THAT is what we have been doing.  Not a whole lot.  Today its warmer and feels so good to have sun shining on my face. 

I should clean the mudroom, BUT its a muddy lake outside, and it will just get dirty again, so think I will wait.  (nice excuse huh?)

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