Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Mother's Intuition........

I'm writing this now and I don't really have time, but my "mother's intuition" tells me I need to share this and do it now, or I will put it off and I won't share.  Surely someone out there in blog world needs to hear this!!!!

I think that Mother's Intuition is HIGHLY UNDER-RATED.  Some say over protective, OCD, etc...I think its called being a mom.  And right now "this" mom is kinda mad. 
Mad at two people: my youngest and MYSELF.

My Motherly Intution kept telling me for 15 minutes. Here is the conversation
Owen do you need to go the bathroom?  NO
Owen do you need to go potty?  NO
Owen do you need to go poop? NO
Owen why are you dancing? DANCE, DANCE
Owen why don't you go potty for me?  You can get stickers?  NO

This is where I repeat ALL about 2 more times.  AND I KNOW BETTER THAN TO EVEN DO THIS!  I KNOW YOU SHOULD JUST TAKE THE KID...But oh no, I just kept doing my thing.  Which I'm embarrassed to say was my new wii fit plus game I purchased this weekend.  I know, I know, that is a totally different post. mothers intution said I think he has to go.  But I didn't listen.  So I hop in shower.  I kid you not..not more than 30 seconds later, right in the middle of my shampoo and soaping, do I smell something like you would not believe and a SCREAMING child in the bathroom telling me he went "POOOOOOOP".  
So here is my advice:

#1-A mothers intutition is right about 99.999%  of the time.  So follow it.
#2-Take the 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes or even 10 minutes or even longer to set your child on the pot w/a book, toy or something and let the kid do his thing.
3.  Doing number one and two while listening to the child scream over and over that they don't have to go is waaaaay better than:
a.-Cleaning poop out of underwear
b.  Wiping toliet seat, side and ring after you put them on it, only to find out its worse than you thought.
c.  Cleaning them in the shower
d. Listen to them scream again becuase they couldn't "play" in the shower longer
e.  Washing the underwear, towels, clothes and bath mat.


Trust me when I say that GOD gave us a children for a reason and the intution to go with it.  So

 7 minutes of singing, playing, and disinfecting one toy or book is A MILLION TIMES BETTER than ANY of the above. I feel better now, plus the washing machine just "dinged" at me. Time to put another load in!  I told you it was bad!!!!!


Geiger Family said...

I'll have to remember your advice, when and if Carter ever decides he's a big boy... Sorry you're having a "crappy" day!!! sorry.

The 5 C's said...

no pun intended right???? other than that little incident we are having a great day....

Katie said...

oh no, yuck - I just had to clean poop off the toilet the other day...but no laundry was needed - and that was gross enough for me!

glad the rest of your day is going well!

Heather Rundquist said...

Sounds like a fun time by all. I totally agree with you!! I am so greatful that Grady is beyond that, whew!! We get the occasional pee on the shirt, but no poo!!

Unknown said...