Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tree Hunting

Today we had out annual church meeting.  We had a yummy lunch and then a LONG meeting.  The kids were pretty good, but bored and we sat a long time.  After we got home we needed some exercise and fresh air.  We bundled up and headed out to the pasture to hunt these
little cedar trees.  Cedars are a lot easier to handle and take care of if you catch them when they're little.  Brent had an attachment he made that goes on the weed eater.  It has a blade and you can just cut these little trees right off.  We cut 97 trees this afternoon. 
Garrett "looking" I think he was doing a little more wandering and daydreaming.  But it was still fun to do something all together.
I pulled Owen in our wagon.  It worked great.  I thought it might be a little tough, but it wasn't.  We moved right along.  Although my arms did get a workout. And I GUARANTEE you they will be sore tomorrow!

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