Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kansas Day

The 29th was Kansas Day and Garretts school does a lot of different things for this day.  Owen and I decided to head up to the school and check it out.  We made it just in time to hear all about cattle drives.  It was interesting and I actually learned something about horseshoes.  The man talking had a saddle w/a rope and spurs, chaps, boots.  Really about everything but the horse. Owen was pretty good while they talked and then got the chance to sit on the saddle.  Would have been a real great picture had I remembered that I actually HAD my camera.  BUT I did remember I had it when Garrett got to talk about sod houses on the local  radio station.  He was nervous but did a good job.  I was very proud of him.

This was Owen messing around in the hallway of the school.  It was shortly after this shot, that we left.  Apparently listening about cow patties being used as meds and how to make your own butter just wasn't fascinating enough.  But running up and down the hall was!

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