Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ok. You would think that in 7 days since my last post, I would have something interesting, inspirational, motivating, political, educational, motherly, wife(ly) to say..but I got nothing.

We almost managed for both school aged children to make it this week all 4 school days (no school on Monday), but Maddison screwed that up at 4am Friday w/fever, sore neck, and sore throat. Enough of this stuff, she has been fighting a cold for 2 weeks now, so I took her to the doc. Yep, strep throat. So 10 days of meds. She is taking a nap now. AND she is missing a very good friends birthday party this afternoon. She is really, really mad at me for not letting her go. Oh, the drama

Last year at this time I was tan. This year I am not. Not even a little pink. Is the sun ever going to shine? Oh and they say more snow to come. Like winter storm warning kind of snow. Really??? Postitive note to this: Brent worked on our boat this morning, putting a new floor in it. Yep, did you know we own a boat? Yep, but took it out only twice last year. Had a few problems...Hey Lindsay, remember O, Max and Tess and sand and no sign of the rest of our families????? This year I am going to make ourselves use it more, even if it is an inconvience sometimes!

Postitive notes: Brent got off work early on Friday. Owen is doing a lot better potty training. He actually told me 2 times yesterday that he had to go. I managed to get a majoritiy of my house cleaned Thursday. Brent and I were able to go eat Mexican and go to the CC BB game in abilene last night for a quick date! Boys and Girls both won. AND maybe, just maybe found me some kitchen curtains FINALLY. THANK YOU CLAY GOURMET. Oh-still no pics on my sofa table yet, but hoping to work on that this weekend. Also I think I might have found some patio chair cushions at Target yesterday. Picked up one to try, but haven't been able to get outside to try it on. But thinking it just might work.

It has been brought to my attention that G-Man doesn't have any video posted on here. Well...I haven't found anything that wouldn't embarass him too bad. I have a ton of video from soccer this fall, but I'M yelling in all of them, so then I would be embarrassed thus not putting them on. SO I will be on the lookout for a good G-Man video. Until then, you are going to have to watch owen dancing. Yes its winter time and yes he does just have a diaper on. And yes he was mad at me for taking him away from the wonder pets tv show that was playing in the other room.-Kristi, Jill, Lanelle this one's for you...

Owen dancing to Hillbilly Bone


Lindsay said...

Oh yes I remember the 3 little kids and the sand and the lake and the NO BOAT! ;) I am sad too that there is no sunny Mexico tan going on this year, does that mean I can hit the tanning bed just to make myself feel better? :)

Jill Rundquist said...

Oh, Erica - I just LOVE that video of Owen!! Thanks for sharing!! Keep bringing on the videos of ALL OF YOU!!

Unknown said...

Too Cute!! Love it!! All the videos are so funny and cute to watch!!