Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I can't decide!

Today the weather can't decide if it should pour or sprinkle, rain or shine..

I can't decide if I should actually deep clean something or just spot clean like normal. 

I can't decide if I should try a new reciepe for supper or use the standby of spaghetti. 

I can't decide if I should do a paper invite for a baby shower or do an e-vite. 

I can't decide if should do a spring garage sale, fall garage sale, summer, none or all. 
Other issues...print my own pics or pay for them. 

Dust cabinets or actually murphy oil them, vaccum or steam clean, clean van or wait, unplug the computer or finish up some long overdue "computer' projects.

I am  driving myself craaaaazzzzzy.....I really think weather, upcoming spring break, have something to do with it..but I really know what most of it is....Its this darn book I've been reading.  Acutally its FABULOUS.  REALLY, REALLY GOOD...but I can't tell you what it is because I'm embarrassed to tell you.  I will share I promise, but just not right now.  Come April if not sooner I will tell you.  You can all guess if you want and maybe I will give a little "something" away if you get it right.  For those of you who DO KNOW...you can't tell pleeaaaase!

Anyway..i've been working on a project for the kids for Easter and its been taking a lot of my free time.  Really in fact probably to much free time, (not that I really have "free" time, but you get my drift. ) I will tell you about that later too.  Just wanted to share my excuse for lack of blogging. 

Over the weekend we went out to dinner with Steve and Tina and had a great time.  What fun to catch up with them. 

 Sunday we had church and naps and then went and looked at some stuff one of our neighbors has for sale at an upcoming auction.  (not like we NEED anything, but still fun to look) then headed to Brent's parents for a live trap.  We have an ugly disgusting opposum in our shed...they really do have to be one of the ugliest animals alive.  Gross....Kids "helped" do some chores.  

 After bathtime Maddison styled O's hair.  He thought it was absolutely hilarious. 

We watched the Amazing Race.  This season isnt' too bad and yes the cowboys are my favorites.  I have a few that I would be glad to hear "you are the last team to arrive..I'm sorry to tell you, you have been eliminated from the race!"

Sorry I know this is really boring...but I COULDN'T DECIDE WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT!


Unknown said...

You are too funny! I have those days more often than I'm willing to admit! Are you reading Beth Moores new book?? I hear it's really good. Just wonderin' :o)

Geiger Family said...

If you are embarrassed about the book you're reading, it's got to be something like... the twilight series... Am I right?