Friday, March 19, 2010

Cattle and a Stick.

Yesterday was so nice out.  Brent took the afternoon off and helped his parents work cattle and wean some calves.  It was terribly muddy, but the kids had a good time. 
After the cattle were sorted they needed to be put into the loading chute for shots.  Garrett thought he could help, but got stuck.
And still stuck
That is Grandma Debbie's hand trying to pry him out.  They did evenutally get it, but it was a little work.  By the way Garrett didn't go that way anymore.
Owen and his cattlestick...waiting for the sorting
waiting in the chute while they still sorted
This video is of him getting the calves in the chute.  If you listen close you can hear him make sounds that only "cattlemen" say when you work with cattle. 

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