Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break

We have been to South Dakota and back over our Spring Break.  Spring Break would be a whole lot more fun if the weather would acutally "act" like SPRING.  My mom and the kids and I went to visit my Aunt JoAnn.  I would be lying if I said the kids didn't like going.  They LOVE it there.  She has a big farmhouse and many barns.  Great places to go out and about to explore.  My mom and I even thought about staying at a hotel on the way up there to break up the 7 hour car ride.  I thought the kids would like to swim eat the "continental" breakfast and chill out.  They said NO!  Can you believe that?  They complained they wouldn't be able to stay 3 nights at Aunt Jo's. we drove the whole way.  Kids did great.  Owen loved Pooky, her dog.  The poor thing hardly got a moment's rest while we were there.  But 2 things werern't so great.  The weather STUNK!.  It was cold, rainy and windy and oh lets not forget the mud.  They still have snow. The snow is melting, but is causing some major flooding.  We did some shopping in a bigger town on Tuesday and had to take a different ways to get their and back because of rivers flooding and going over roadways.   On Tuesday we also visited a butterfly house.  I had never been to one before.  It was neat.
Another not so great thing was Me, myself and I who has not been sick all  a terrible sore throat and ear ache and had to go to Urgent Care Monday morning!  Kids just couldn't believe that I got sick on THEIR VACATION.  So this about all the pics I have because I really did just feel yucky and didn't really care if I took pics or not!  But we are home now and weather was good yesterday but raining today and probably all weekend and the kids go back on Monday..Happy Spring Break!

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