Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 15

So I'm just a tad behind and my apologies but as most/all of you know, things haven't been exactly normal around here.  July 28 I had an accident involving a calf and a stock tank, long story very very short, I broke my L1 on my spine.  On July 29 I had my L1 fused together w/Rods and screws to my T 11 & 12.  (atleast we are fairly sure, sometimes dr's talk in code and when you have been on morphine for over 48 hours and other pain meds you don't always know exactly what is going on!) 

Fast forward about 13 days.  Today I'm headed to have my 30+ staples removed from my back along w/my catheter (yes I still have this and yes it is gross and yes it is a pain and I can't wait for them to tell me its coming out)   I did leave out that on Monday I went to the dr because I was having some blood in my urine and they are thinking kidney stones!  SO I'm praying those have passed and I will be able to pee on my own.  Sorry to be so frank, but that is what it is.

I will take pictures of my brace soon.  Everyone is slowly but surely adjusting.  It didn't take Owen long to figure out that I can't carry him or bend over or really give him a spank'n very well..and school starts in 7 days.  One word-PRAY.  Thank you so much for everything, thoughts, prayers, food, gifts, flowers, plants, cleaning, laundry and much much more!


Lindsay said...

glad to see you back to the computer :) Love ya and praying for you every day!

Katie said...

We've been praying and thinking about you constantly! I'm glad to see you're feeling well enough to blog - that's a good sign! :)

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