Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hospital Pictures

Some might not want to see these and to be honest I really debated, but thought maybe people wanted to see what I had going on for the 5 days in the hospital.  Every day since we have been home Brent will say something about my hospital stay that I had know idea had happened.   Things that the kids said, or a dr said, or a nurse did, or people who called etc..been kinda neat finding those things out, but a little un-nerving knowing that I really was out of it, for longer than I thought.

Meet my new best friend - THE BRACE.  This is what I have to wear for the next 4 weeks.  It really hasn't been so bad, and I'm hoping when the weather gets cooler I can wear a tank top under it and put a shirt OVER the brace, but for now it goes over my clothes.  I really feels pretty good to put on in the morning but by 8pm I'm ready for it to come off.. 
There is a reason you can't see my face in this picture.  It was just waaay to scary.   This picture is the first time I put on the brace about 14 hours after surgery.  They wanted me up
and walking right away.

Up close picture.  The little bag was a drain tube from my incision area.  They took that out the day we left. 

Warning: The next picture is of my incision.  It is a little graphic.  They removed staples on Thursday and then put sterile strips to hold it just a little while longer.  They should peel off in about 5-7 more days.

It made my day w/all the flowers and balloons that were sent to me.  It brightened up my dark room. 

Walking is my healing therapy.  They say the more I walk the better, but I can't believe how fast it wears me out.  To think I ran almost everyday and now I can't walk to the mailbox and back w/out being tired is kinda depressing.  But everyday I think I'm little stronger.  I can definately tell when I have done too much one day because the next day I'm a lot stiffer and sore.  Trying to back my pain meds down a little by little. 
I can't drive until I'm done w/pain meds AND have been cleared by neurosurgery which will be Sept 15.  So until then I'm at the mercy of my family and friends for rides. 
After I have been cleared and my brace can come off I will start physical therapy.  Not sure what all that will involve, thinking I need to be researching that a little bit more. 

My family wanted to say that we are so thankful for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that you all have done.  The response has been truly overwhelming.  People in a small town and community really do care and have blessed our family BEYOND anything that we could imagine.  THANK YOU.  God is GOOD.  I'm walking and have feeling in my hands and feet.  What could have been so much worse was not and for that we are THANKFUL. 


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you. As each and everyone shares, take care. You are accomplishing a lot each day it reads, proud of you.
Prayers are for you; you are on our Mizpah Prayer List.
Friend and neighbor, Louise Yarrow

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the pics! Glad to see your able to do it and feel good enough to be posting!! Yay! God is Good!

beth foster said...

um- only YOU could make that hospital gown look good. :)
thanks for posting the pics. great seeing you blogging again.
take care friend - you'll be running again before you know it, but for now - slow & steady.
love ya!!

Katie said...

Girl, you are amazing! All that progress in such a short time...praise the Lord indeed for how much you've healed already!! I'm glad you shared pics of your brace...I imagined something way worse than that, so it's good to know it's not as bad as what I was thinking! :)