Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Vacation Day 1 -Georgetown CO

This summer we had the opportunity to go on a family vacation.  A vacation where no one played ball, or had meetings, or really an agenda.  Sure we wanted to hit a few places but no real specific time frame.  In fact our first stop was the only place we had reservations and had to be on time. 

We did some research and I would HIGHLY recommend Trip Advisor.  I used it everyday to check out different things to do and many, many people gave ideas and off the beaten path roads and hikes and even where to find coupons.. 

Anyhoo...first stop was Georgetown Colorado.  We road a train and toured an old Silver Mine.  It was ok.  Owen enjoyed the train and the weather was great.  It is amazing to me how in the mountains it can be sunny and then rain and storm and then be sunny again..in a matter of 10 minutes or less.  CRAZY. 

 Waiting for our train..yes bridge in background we go on it and under it...
 Still waiting
 waiting some more.
 Finally...here it comes
 View from top of bridge...we had an open car on the way to mine and closed car on way back.
We ate Subway sandwiches along with chips and grapes that we packed in cooler before train trip.  It was a good thing, cuz our train left at 11:45 and on the way back from mine train broke down for about a 10-15 minute repair.  I think we were back to car by 2:45...

We had stopped to ask about white water rafting and a local told us about this glacier so we decided to check it out.  Owen fell asleep on the way up in car and we did drive a ways.  So between being woke up and hungry..he was in no mood to hike.  And it was a little jaunt to the glacier.

 You can sort of see all 4 of my family.  Garrett didn't hang around to close to us.  Apparently he  thought our family cheer was to embarrassing for an 11 year to stand!
 Maddie was faking this fake smile...she wasn't really in the mood to hike either and again it was a bit rough and hard, but in the end SO WORTH IT..

 Taking a breather...Seriously Owen was in NO mood...

AWWWWE...There she is St. Mary's Glacier

 It is hard to see but it started raining on us...

G & M posing for a pic.  
 Owen wanted to eat..but no picnic in the rain.  And seriously he had atleast 2 granola bars on the hike up.
 FINALLY FOOD...He was good after that.  Yes we ate subway again..5 dollar footlongs are just to hard to pass up..

A very nice man offered to take our picture. 
Owen still didn't smile for him though. 

 Brent and Garrett slid down the glacier on their rear ends right before we left.  Pretty sure that was Brent's favorite part of the entire vacation..


ch said...

i don't know whose grand idea that TRAIN was, but i would have had to be drunk as a skunk to even consider boarding the thing. The Craig family is NUTS.

Geiger Family said...

Who talked you into going over the bridge? You used to HATE going over the Missouri River on the way to Aunt Jo's. Did Brent take that picture? You're a brave soul... ;)