Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vacation - Day 2 Rocky Mountain National Park

On Day 2 we came up from the southwest part of Rocky Mountain National Lake at Grand Lake..The Lake was huge.  Not such a great picture. My camera and I had a difficult time deciding on settings..

Stopped at a visitor center and grabbed a map and heard that a momma moose and baby had been hanging out along our route north and east.  She also said that we should check out Sheep Lake which is at the Estes park entrance and watch Big Horn Sheep come down and drink and graze in evenings. 

I bet we hadn't been in the car 10 minutes and we spotted the moose  along with about 100 other people, but we were still able to pull over and get some pics. 

Then a little on down the road...a small herd of elk. 
(which Owen wanted Brent to get his gun and shoot them.  Thinking the hunting channel might be off limits for a bit!)
There is only one road that goes up and all the through Rocky Mountain National Park to Estes Park (our next and final stop for the rest of vacation)  What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL DRIVE.....
We stopped and ate lunch at Bear Lake (I think?)  But the mosquitos wanted us more than our food.  I think we used 3 days worth of bug spray at lunch that day.  And no, we did NOT have subway..good 'ol pb & j, chips, grapes, gatorade, capri sun and water! 
After Lunch we hiked down to Bear Lake..

Continuing on across the ONE road..we stopped SEVERAL times for some scenic pics.  This is how the conversation went after about the 3rd stop.....
Brent and I " hey this looks really cool.  We want to read what this sign says and takes some pics.Ok?
Brent and I "  Ok?  Sound good?"
Nothing Silence..Quick look in mirror. 
Brent and I " PUT AWAY the IPOD and DVD Player...I thought we said no electronics in RMNP?" 
Kids..." meant ALL DAY the WHOLE DAY?
Brent and I..."yes  and yes, Owen you have to put on your shoes AGAIN.  DO NOT TAKE THEM OFF AGAIN or you won't be able get out?"

We saw a couple dozen elk along this road (which I know has a name for it, but can't remember and I'm not looking it up)  There is a place to stop and get out and take another good walk/hike across the tundra.  It was cold and windy and damp out, but we did it anyway.  hey we were on vacation and nowhere to go be but RIGHT THERE.
Maddie posing on some rocks.

My throat caught for a moment when I took this picture.  I think he looks SOO grown up. 

More pics from Tundra.

We made it to Estes Park and stayed at some cabin/condos right outside RMNP entrance. Only a couple of miles.  It was really fun to be so close, where we could come and go as much as we wanted. 

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Geiger Family said...

So jealous - we LOVE the mountains. Almost makes me wanna go back to Yellowstone... as long as no one has babies the next summer. :)