Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Find

Last night Brent was in the shed cleaning. This is our once a year throw away things we "thought we could use"..I am afraid more will stay than go, but atleast he is trying. I only go out there if I have to or to get the lawn mower out. Anyway he calls me from the shed asking me to send Maddison out he had found something..4 NEW BABY KITTENS! The video of Owen and Maddison of the new kittens. I can't say I was real thrilled w/the find, yeah their cute and all, but right now we have NO pets and Happy. Go ahead and say it we are the meanest parents in the world and yes there have been a few tears shed over show and tell pet days. We try to tell them they have a "pet" its just in the pasture 10 months out of the year and to take a picture of their cow and new calf, but that doesn't really go over. Why??? Its the same thing isn't? Garrett you will see is absent for the video. He took one look at the kittens and mumbled something and went back upstairs. Please disregard all the junk our mudroom..

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