Sunday, January 18, 2009


So you may have noticed the change in background...2 Reasons
Reason #1-It was so nice today it got me in the mood for spring/summer. Nothing like a visual to cheer a mood. And reason #2...

That's right my lovely husband is taking me to Mexico for our 10 year anniversary which was in October. We are also going w/ L&L Henry (the henry bunch)...Don't worry we will be sure to post some pics. If you have any pointers...they would be much appreciated. Our plan was to learn A LOT more Spanish than we know now, but our lesson plans are falling behind. Looking forward to it. We don't leave for 25 days, but hey that's soon!!

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Kim said...

All you really need to know in Spanish is 'por favor', 'gracias' and 'cerveza'!! Have fun!!