Monday, April 13, 2009

Field Trip to Concordia

A couple of weeks ago both Brent and I left Owen with my in-laws and went with the kids on a field trip to Concordia. We had a good time despite the weather being cold and windy. We went to the Brown Grand Theatre and saw a play called "Molly makes 6" About a girl who wants a dog. (Right up Maddie's alley, no we still don't have a pet, but I will say I did feel bad when the play was over and taking a tour of the theatre, the tour guide asked how many kids had pets? Maddison was the only one in K-2 who DIDN'T raise her hand. I did get an "I told you so look" though!) Brent headed w/Garrett to the Orphan Train museum while Maddie and I finished at theatre and then switched. After that it was onto Cloud County Juco, where we ate lunch and the kids recorded some things for their Longford Book/DVD project. One group got to see the biology lab w/snakes, our group was fortunate to miss that and hit the gym w/CC BB players. Maddison LOVED it. Garrett not so much, but was really impressed w/the basketball holder "thing" He shot baskets w/that. After that we went to the new wind farm technology classroom (main reason Brent went) and then out to the windfarm for a quick picture. We had a great time!
Garrett and Friend in balcony @ Brown Grand Theatre

Maddie Shootin' Hoops

Maddie taking instructions

Garrett figuring it out!

Wind Farm quick pic

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