Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sliver-Tis the Spring

With the onset of spring (what few GOOD days we've had) comes flip flops and bare feet. Last week (i think) there was one day when the weather was pretty nice out. Owen absolutely loves to be outside, so any chance he gets he is out. Well we were eating our afternoon snack outside on the deck. When I noticed that he was walking kinda funny. So I took a look and sure enough he had a sliver. I know this will be one of MANY, but I thought it was a pretty nice one to start the season...

Sorry its a little fuzzy. I kept trying to zoom in on the sliver and it kept picking up the foot. Don't know my camera all that well to try and change it. He wasn't real happy w/me anyway tht I was taking pictures.

Excuse the man hands...I just don't have nice nails and never will.

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The Stinas said...

You may already know this but...I found out from working in the hospital you can remove splinters by soaking the affected part in a solution of paroxide and water. The item will expand and float out. I was going to perform surgery once when I had this gynormous splinter in my finger and a nurse told me WHOA, just soak in paroxide/water. It worked like a charm!
I hope the Craig 5 are doing well!
Tina & Steve