Thursday, April 16, 2009

Owen's Ears

We met w/Dr, Pease yesterday on Owen's ear infections. Seems to be SO many lately. We had to do two sets of tubes w G-Man and the second go-round we did the adnoids and tonsils and truly have had very, very, little problems since (3 years). To be honest I was glad Dr. Pease said he would like to do tubes. I think it was more of relief to know that something more long term would be done, rather than another round of antibiotics. So on April 27 we are headed in for tubes. Owen is also a mouth-breather. Hoping this too will help and improve speech process, even though he passed all hearing tests with flying colors. ( I really wasn't worried about that, he DEFINATELY KNOWS & HEARS what is going on). I will update you more on when the exact time will be on Monday (27th)


ch said...
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ch said...

Sorry...I had to delete the first one...I made a typo and hadn't proofread. Obsessive...

LC's therapy group focused on ear issues this week, so we're happy for Owen's upcoming relief!! (Even though we can't openly welcome the word "tube" yet...maybe in time...)

Keep us posted on his specifics so we can be sure to pray for him on his big day!