Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day at the Lake

Our Father's Day was pretty relaxed and layed back. Brent did work on our boat all afternoon replacing parts and still didn't get it to work. It starts fine, but then gets hot. Need to try a few more things out to see if we can get it going. ANYWAY...about 5pm we decided to still had to the lake to have a little "beach" fun. But of course wouldn't you know, didn't get a pic of "dad' w/the kids. Sorry...After the beach, got cleaned up, and grilled steak & shrimp kabobs w/my parents and had homemade cherry pie from cherries off of Grandpa Dave and Grandma Donna's cherry tree...Boy were they awesome. Hoping everyone had a great Father's Day too. Stay Cool this week. Its going to be a hot one!Owen and Garrett playing in sand.
Garrett getting ready to dive back inOwen water and sand Maddie splashing
O-splashing having a good time

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