Saturday, June 20, 2009


Ok I told you I wouldn't post pics and I'm keeping my promise. I did take my camera but I completely forgot to get it out. I'm not kidding I really didn't think of getting it out. I was nervous, wondering if I should go to bathroom ONE more time, what if I get a cramp. All thoughts running thru my head. At the risk of sounding prideful, which I'm totally not trying to be, Brent and I both finished without having to walk. I was very proud of my husband, he really did well considering he hasn't been running that long. I am hoping he continues, but we shall see. I was happy my time was better than last time I ran it (before O was born). Sorry to sound so braggish, but I am so glad we accomplished our goal. Garrett and Maddie both ran the mile. Both started out superfast and were really getting winded about .25 miles. Maddie got it together (she is much more competitive thand Garrett), and ran most of the way. Garrett got it together about .50 miles and the finished strong as well. But Maddie did beat him, BUT BOTH got FIRST in their age groups. Proud of them. Well I am off to nap....Have a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow.

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