Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of School 2009

Big changes came our way on this first day of school in 2009. Our Longford School closed last spring so we made the decision to go to Clay Center this year. Tough decision all around. Last Friday we went and saw G & M's classrooms and met teachers. Garrett had a tough time. He DOES NOT LIKE CHANGE. I mean he really doesn't like it. It goes as far as getting a different vehicle, what kid wouldn't like a new car? NOT MINE. That is how much he doesn't like change. We initially thought there were no students from Longford in his class, but there is one, so that helped today. Needless to say when we found out on Friday that his best friends weren't in his class, new school, new teacher, new year, that combo is lethal. Weekend was touch and go, but this morning he seemed to be doing it ok. Garrett got off the bus this this afternoon saying, "this is the worst first day of school EVERY" What in the world happened? He gave me about 3 lame excuses. Sounds to me like he had a pretty good day. I think he was trying to making a point, that he WASN'T going to have fun and I didn't fall for it. Not said another word since 2pm. Maddie has her best friend in class and she apparently got along fine today. The only thing that she said was, "she had to sit between 2 boys and across from 2 boys at lunch today!!!" I said oh, what did you say to them? Her reply, "NOTHING, I didn't say one word ALL of lunch"...oh, the joys of sharing lunch w/the opposite sex! Bus picking up kids for the first time EVER. We've always had to meet the bus. It looks dark, but really its not, just stormy and rainy today.
Maddison, Owen & Garrett
Maddison and Garrett
Maddie 2009-2010
Garrett 2009-2010


katehenry said...

So cute!!! I am so happy that the girls are together. Do you think we can get them in the same class til college?

ch said...

I've been wondering how the Longford squirts were adjusting...I know they'll take Clay Center by storm and make all their Longford fans proud. :0)

Poor Miss M. The opposite sex was a little hard to come by at her alma mater. What an adjustment! I wonder how Harrison's handling the increase in testosterone in his learning environment...