Monday, August 17, 2009

Pikes Peak-CO

On the last day of our vacation we went up Pikes Peak and spent most of the day there. It was great. Whether on top was 30 degrees and pretty windy. They said the windchill was 15 below, but I don't think it was THAT cold. We took our time going up and spent sometime on top. We had their famous donuts. Quite tasty despite that grease dripping off of them. Definately more like a cake donut and had cinnamon and sugar spice to it. We took our time coming back down and stopped at Crystal Lake to have a picnic lunch. After lunch we went hiking. That hike was the quietest our kids were the whole vacation. Everytime we would go hiking they would talk so LOUD and jump. At that rate we were never going to see any wildlife. We still didn't this hike, but I thought our chances were WAY better. Crystal Lake

Top of Pikes Peak-was a little overcast
Brent and kids hanging out

Family at highest point!

Going down
Some shots from our hike

This concludes our vacation. Hope you enjoyed it. I know you really probably don't care ALL that much, but I did this partly because if I don't, I will forget!

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