Sunday, August 2, 2009

South Dakota Pics

We got back from visiting family in SD on Tuesday. I haven't had a moment to even download pictures from that. And even now I should be packing as we leave on Wed (sometime) to head as a family to CO for a vacation. Brent has been swamped at work and got a big order done and out, so going to try to get away before the next big order comes in. Really looking forward to that. Anyway..back to SD. We had a good time visiting. But mostly we ate and ate and ate. But oh was it good. One day we went to a local public pool that was turned into an aquatic park. G & M really liked it, O. who usually likes water was a little shy. But of course warmed up to it about 15 minutes before we were ready to leave.

Garrett going down the slide

Maddie on the ropes!

(the gal behind her was RUUUUUUDE) I finally told her to stop. Of course I just got the "I don't have to listen to you Lady" Look!

Owen w/my cousin Chris playing

We also went to the river and had a picnic and went and visted the nursing home. But other than that we just hung out and talked and laughed and again ate. Another thing that kept O entertained was my aunt's dog Pooky. But I didn't get a picture of the dog and O. Sorry


Geiger Family said...

How did the rocket launching go? :)

Unknown said...

Fun pics! Glad you made it home safe in time for another trip! That's great, we haven't been any where since '07!

The 5 C's said...

Rocket launching went ok...I should post pics from that. Arianne been awhile since we've taken a vacation out of state... Kids didn't think they could take in another Royals game!