Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Colorado Springs - Day 1

We are back from our vacation to Colorado Springs. We had a great time. I would recommend going as there was a ton of stuff to do, but I also recommend bringing your cash, because things were expensive. Especially the touristy places. Some worth the money and some not. I promise I won't give you a minute by minute detail of every fight, scratch, french fry, snoring, wiggling, crying, fighting, arguing, breath taking, cold, hot, cabin, hotel, pool, car ride detail of our vacation. Don't get me wrong we had an awesome time, but in all honesty it took us a couple of days to get used to each other. Brent didn't realize that each of our children have little quirks...like G-likes to hop, jump, skip, dance any down time he has. He seiously can't stand still for more than 10 seconds. He had a tendency to wander, thus causing a little friction. M-stays w/us, but tends to be a little dramatic and screeches A LOT. O-well, he's 2 and you can only imagine the melt downs, screaming fits that we incurred. I won't blame it all on the kids, because Brent and I had our moments too, but only seconds really.... BUT AGAIN-IT REALLY WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. Owen did really well in the car. On the way out Wed. afternoon we only had to stop 3 times and on the way home only 2 times. Made pretty good time.
Day 1-Garden of the God's (FREE!). We took pictures and walked around. We also went back Sunday afternoon and did the back half of the park. It was really neat and we had such a beautiful morning. I also recommend going fairly early as peopel started coming around 10 to 11am. Tons of biking and walking trails too.
scenic pictures

Owen, Maddison, & Garrett at Balanced Rock-explanation: Owen trying to hold up the rock!

Brent back-packed Owen a lot on walking and hiking. So some pics don't have O because Brent was either taking the picture or Brent didn't want to be in the picture, but mostly because it was too much effort to take O in and out of the backpack. I forgot to crop the gawking sight seer in the back ground.

More pics of the kids!More scenic pics. I'm know all of these rocks have names, but Brent isn't here standing over my shoulder telling me. If you really must know, I'll find out for you!

We also did Focus on the Family play land-which was free too. We didn't however go on the tour of all the buildings. Just did the kid stuff. We were going to go to a castle but missed the tour time and decided to hit Rockledge Ranch-pioneer town. It was neat, a little hokie, but ended up being the cheapest place the whole vacation. We toured the 2 orginal farm houses and watched a blacksmith, who made us a "C". We also saw a "farm wife" making jelly. For some reason I didn't take any pictures of those. We then ended up back at the hotel for naps and kids to swim in the pool at our hotel. I will say. the pool was small, but by far the WARMEST indoor pool we've ever encountered. They had no hot tub, but none was needed as it was nearly as warm as one. Kids LOVED it, and nice for O, who isn't a huge fan of cold water.

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