Thursday, September 3, 2009


You want to know what my biggest problem with shopping is? The fact that when you have the money, willing to part ways with it AND you want/need something specific you can never find it and when you aren't looking, don't have the money you ALWAYS, ALWAYS find something. Well, yesterday was no exception. Come fall, around this time of year I need jeans. And I truly would say this is more a need than a want. My mom and I went shopping seeking to find the perfect pair of jeans. YUCKO. I hate jean shopping with a passion. Here are a list of reasons and if you know the answer please feel free to comment.
  1. Do PEOPLE actually design jeans or is it some robotic/computerized "thing"?
  2. How does this "thing" actually compute the average jean style and size?
  3. Does this "thing" actually believe/compute that the average person is THAT tiny?
  4. Does this "thing" actually believe/compute that if your waist is a little skinny then it automatically believes that your thighs and behind are that small as well?
  5. Does this "thing" actually believe/compute that normal people DON'T wear underwear?
  6. Does this "thing" actually believe/compute that your calves need no circulation to the rest of your body?
  7. Does this "thing" actually believe/compute that light color jeans MAKE you look skinny?
  8. Does this "thing" actually believe/compute that I WANT people to see my underwear?
  9. Does this "thing" know that I want jeans to fit from the beginning? Not 3 hours later because the stretch has now stretched and then they fall off, but 3 hours ago they were so tight you couldn't breathe.
  10. Does this "thing" actually believe/compute that the average people need a 33 in. length?

I understand that I am probably not in the majority here. I understand that some people probably don't wear underwear and if you can stand it, good for you but I wear underwear. I understand that some people DO NOT CARE if people see their underwear, but I don't want to see it. I don't know what the average height/weight is in the country and frankly I don't care. I WANT JEANS THAT FIT JUST RIGHT!

So back to my shopping. I came home w/one pair of jeans. Not even that excited about them. Put them on last night to see if they would stretch and all too soon they were cutting my circulation off in my thighs.Those "baby's" are going back. I'm really not that picky. I am not name brand specific. I really am willing to try anything, but SERIOUSLY, can people actually WEAR some of what is out there? Mission was not accomplished. I did find a few shirts, but NOT the things that I went for. So very frustrating. Mom was there to help w/Owen and he was soooo good, but that still didn't seem to help.

Another day another dollar will hopefully find me a pair of jeans....that fit just right.


Unknown said...

I know what you mean! I hate shopping! I actually like the 33in inseam :o), but other than that I don't have any answers for you. I did actually find a pair at Pamida of all places that are one of my favorites a couple of years ago!

Hays Family 5 said...

I DETEST shopping for jeans. I would rather go to the dentist and have every tooth in my head pulled while I am giving birth with no drugs in the dentist chair. I hate jeans. My inseam in 36 inches....33 are capri length for me....and since my grandma got in the big butt line, I always have a gaping hole at the waist where if you are lucky you don't get to see my underwear. I have started wearing undershirts that tuck in way in so that when I bend over third graders don't see old lady underwear or worse, my crack.

Katie said...

I think jeans are designed for ubber skinny super models who have no butts, no curves, sticks for legs and probably don't wear undies.

But I totally hear ya on the jean-shopping-nightmare! However, the other day I was at Kohls and there was a pair of petite Dockers capris for like, 80% off, so I figured I'd try them on just for the heck of it, and I'd end up putting them back since nothing ever fits the first try. And they fit! ...Like a nice relaxed glove! So, I recommend shopping in the petite section and I've had very good luck with the Dockers brand overall.