Sunday, October 25, 2009


Had a great time w/my man last evening.  My mom and sister took the kids to a pumpkin patch/corn maze yesterday afternoon.  I will have pics on that later.  Then my sister Katie took Owen home w/her and my mom and dad got the older two.  Everyone was quite happy.  Especially Brent and I who got an evening by ourselves to celebrate our anniversary. 

We actually went to the movies and saw Couple's Retreat.  It was pretty good.  A few uncomfortable moments, but overall really funny.  We then ate here for the endless shrimp special.  It was mmmmm good.  One of my favorite places of all times. 

We of course then had to hit Lowe's and Walmart (had to run a few errands).  It was a great anniversary.  Thanks to Katie and mom and dad for again watching the kiddos.  We really really appreciate it. 

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Geiger Family said...

We had a great time - I'm glad O's lip didn't get too fat!! I'll get some pics to you, hopefully tomorrow. Glad you had a fun night!!!