Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Receipe Try

I was wanting something "different" today for a little snack and something to put in freezer to pull out one or two here and there.  You know when I get my 20 minute coffee/tea break in the afternoon?  Cookies are ok but not my fave.  I was thinking muffins, but couldn't really find anything.  Didn't want to take the time for cinnamon rolls.  I came up w/this.  We will eat what we want tonight and then I will take and put single servings in baggies and freeze.  I am hoping a quick nuke in the microwave and they will be good for a quick snack.

Cranberry-Maple Scones:  These were really pretty good and took no time at all.  I did add pecans instead of walnuts and a few chocolate chips.  I think these would be excellent w/white chocolate chuncks and cranberries.  I also used sugar free maple syrup.  Next time I might add a little maple flavoring to the dough as the maple "taste" wasn't real noticeable.  I made my pieces smaller than called for.  Definately makes more than 8.  Let me know if you try them out.  Again I thought they were pretty good. 

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