Sunday, November 29, 2009

Out of touch

So I have been a little out of sight and out of mind. My apologies.  We have been busy.  Busy as everyone else I am sure.  We had 3 Thanksgivings this past week.  Ate waaaay to much and are now trying to get back into a schedule once again.  The new header was from pics taken on Saturday.  We did a "grandparents" pic w/all the cousins.  The 7 grandkids did exceptionally well considering that we have tried numerous times and always seem to strike out.  AND when you have three boys age 2 (8 weeks apart in age),  makes things a little extra difficult, but they did AWESOME.  I will post those soon as well.  Other than to say we are "busy" I can't think of anything major that has been going on.

On Wednesday we had some out of town guests them and them over a little socializing.  And Brian and Carrie! We had a great time and found out some exciting news...but you will have to check here to find it out!  Whooohooo!

The kids head back to school tomorrow and I'm off to Christmas shop on Tuesday afternoon  w/my mom and sister.  It will be a fun "girls getaway".

More to come soon!  I promise.

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