Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bird Nest Tree Farm

This year we decided to try a different place to get a Christmas Tree.  We headed north about a mile past Washington.  Bird Nest Tree Farm.  Wow was it big.  We had a good time, but it was really cold.  We could have looked and looked, but it was starting to get dark.  Cold and hungry.  But kids did really  well, better than me in fact.  My feet were FREEZING! 

Here is the back of Maddison looking for the "right"tree

Owen also trying to find a tree.

Still Looking

Garrett telling us to follow him.

"Wait for me"...he could easily have gotten lost!

We found it, We found it....It was a  BIG!

One more pic. 

Time to head home.  Garrett, Maddie and I ran a few errands in CC and picked up some pizza while Owen and Brent headed home to unload the tree and move the toys out of the way...

Tree still in netting.  We had to pick up a ton of needles.  Even after they shook the tree.  We have ruined one vaccum because of needles and don't plan on doing that again.  So we used our hands. 

Owen even helped out. 

Maddie and I holding the tree up while Brent SLOWLY trims the net away.  I seriously thought we would have a Chistmas Vacation rendition.  You know...when Clark "cuts" the rope and branches and sap go everywhere.  Well....we DIDN'T.  Thank you, Lord.

Finished Tree minus presents.
Lights went up last night.  Kids and I decorated this morning.  Kids liked it, but had some issues as to who would put what ornament where, etc.  Felt like a referee, but all in all it got done!

PS- Not sure how tall it is, but it is one of our biggest ones ever.  Sure glad we didn't go any bigger.  Pretty sure nothing else would have fit. 


Katie said...

Whoa, that tree is twice the size of you!!!

petersteel said...

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