Saturday, January 23, 2010

For the Love of Books

This Gal nominated me for this award

So apparently I AM a princess....I always wondered if I had what it took.  Well, actually I don't think I am what the "world" would call a princess.  I am the "book" princess type.  First I just want to say it is honor being nomniated and I would like to thank my family for putting up with me when I read a "really" good one.  For my parents for supporting me, for my agents (the librarians) for pointing me to a new read every now and then.  And  my grandma Dorthy.  She was an avid reader and shared a lot of books with me. And also to my mom's 3 sisters who read continously.  Oh....I think.I hear my exit music.

This award is about books and how much we like to read them.  Here it goes

1. Name an author you love.
I LOVE Lauraine Snellling.  A lot, like the gal who nominated me.  In fact, I am pretty sure I was sitting poolside at the CC swimming pool, in the baby pool.  When Mrs. Hayes was telling me about this author and what a great series it was.  I was a little skeptical, but I INSTANTLY fell in love after 2 pages for Red River of the North.  I bawled in bed at night while reading it. (my husband thought it was ludicrious to be crying over a book.  not much of a reader is he?)  She is my favorite.  I also like Tracy Peterson, Stephen Bly, Jennifer Chaivarini.  Karen Kingsbury.  Al and Joana Lacy.  John Grisham, (his books are way better than his movies). Janette Oke and her Love comes softly series.  Again these books are WAAAY better than the movies, but I will watch the Hallmark Marathon when they are on.  Mary Higgins Clark-I need a good mystery every now and then. Beth Moore, not only does she right awesome Bible Studies, she writes some pretty good books too.

2. Name an author who highlights your personality.
I can't really think of one that highlights my entire personality.  But Marty from Love comes Softly has a good start.  She loves her family and her friends.  Truly does she only want the best for them.  She has good days and bad.  She messes up every now and then and gets embarrassed, but then her loving husband ALWAYS makes her feel better.  She loves her kids and tries to teach them right and wrong.

3. Name some books you love.
She's Come Undone.  Love Comes Softly.  Get Out of the Pit. The Drifter. Hadasah:One Night with the King, (very good movie too, but read the book first!) Voice of the Wind, Mark of the Lion, Little House on the Prairie..And now I have drawn a blank. I promise I will add more when they come to me. 

4. Something that always excites you.

Finishing....When I finish ALL the laundry (even if it only lasts 20 minutes), finish pulling weeds in the garden and flower beds and can see the stuff you are supposed to see!  When I finish MOWING (I love to mow), nothing like smell of cut grass and a yard that looks even and neat.  When I finish my run for the day and I have pushed myself and FINISHED. And laying in bed at night because I am finished for the day!

5. Something you hate
Peas and Cooked Carrots-gag me!

NOTE: I would pass this award to all 3 of my children if I could, but they are tied in with me, but its worth mentioning.  My children love to read.  Garrett was made for AR tests!  He has red every Magic Tree house book, He loves Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew.  Maddison loves Fancy Nancy and Berenstein Bears and I read the American Girl series to her when I have the chance. 
When I was in the 5th or 6th grade my grandma Dorthy started buying me Mandy Books by Lois Gladys Leppard.  I have almost 35 books of this series and going to complete entire series and pass onto Maddison.  I have started Garrett on a series of Sugar Creek Gang by Paul Hutchens.  They are a great series for 5-8th grade boys, but I think girls would like them too.  Hoping he will pass on the love of reading to his kids.   And even though Owen can't read yet.  You give him the Farm Journal magazine or the Fastlline Tractor or Farm and Ranch Magazine and he will be occupied for hours.  Just looking, but I don't doubt for a minute that he is soaking up words and letters to help him later.

NOW I am passing this award along.  All they have to do is grab the princess award and post the questions and answers. Thanks for letting me share about my love for reading!

And the nominess are:
Lindsay @ The Henry Bunch
Tiffany @ Wertville
Jerrilyn @ The Henny's


Katie said...

Excellent acceptance speech!!! Bravo! ...not so sure I deserve this award - I haven't read anything other than blogs and the Bible for a couple years. (yikes!) But very thoughtful of you nonetheless, so thank you for thinking of me!

The 5 C's said...

I really thought you were a apologies. Well, your kids could accept it..couldn't they!