Sunday, January 24, 2010


Not this Christmas, but last Christmas Garrett received this 1000 piece John Deere Puzzle. I like puzzles and so does Garrett. So one weekend last January, my family along w/my parents started on this puzzle. We got about as far as sorting the edges and middle. So all thru the winter this puzzle was worked on. Brents parents helped too and my parents again on and off. One weekday night, Brent had a meeting and we were soo close to being done, that I just finished it. Stayed up late, but I was almost addicted to getting it done.

It sat, and sat, and sat. About 6 months ago, we matted it. Progress was made. Then again it sat and sat. Went to Hobby Lobby to buy a frame. Ughhh..they don't make this size. Has to be custom. I said NO THANK YOU. I am sorry but it was outrageous for a frame. So again it sat and sat.

Fast forward to Friday night. Brent made a frame out of some old lath painted it black. Mounted the mat, hung on the wall and Ta Da.

Happy to say a long awaited project crossed off my list and looks really good in his room.

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Katie said...

Oooo, that looks really good! And how talented is Brent, making the frame!!

Geiger Family said...

Looks good! Well done - almost makes me want to start on the dolphin puzzle Mark got me, almost... :)