Thursday, September 30, 2010

Less than 24 hours

I'm less than 24 hours away from finding out what my next step is in my LONG recovery of a burst fracture in my L-1 (doesn't that sound more official than "I broke my back".  )

Time has flown by, but has seemed to come to a skidding stop the closer I get to this appointment.  I'm nervous, anxiety-filled..A lot of "what if's" are running through my head today. 

I SOOO want to be done or atleast ready to move on to the next thing.  What I CAN NOT handle or DO NOT want to hear, is that I've "even(ed) out" and still need to wear the brace for 4+ weeks or longer.  10 weeks has been a long time. 

I feel good.  I really do.  I mean I still have soreness and muscle spasms everyday, but NOTHING like the first 4-5 weeks. 

Please Pray for me and my family tomorrow.  I'm ready to find answers and to know exactly what I need to be doing and where I should be. 

You all have been so AMAZING.  Prayers have been answered and I know this is all GOD"S Plan for me, but wow is it hard to trust right now.  THANK YOU ALL-

PS-If you see an orange glow south of town tomorrow night I am having a BURN PARTY or  Security will be dragging me out of dr's office Kicking and screaming.

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Geiger Family said...

Everything we'll be fine!!! Be sure to call me when you're done! LOVE YOU!!!!