Friday, October 1, 2010

Post Op Appt. #1

My prayers have been answered.  For all that prayed for me these last 10 weeks, thank you is NOT near enough.  I could not have done this on my own.

We did NOT see the surgeon instead his PA.  She was nice and I can't say I'm real surprised by this, since she was the one we saw the last 3 days at the hospital.  I was released from wearing the brace.  That was my biggest worry.  Not because I was feeling bad, but just not healed enough to get rid of it.  She said everything looked really good. 

I am still limited in my lifting, still 15 pounds, and occasionly up to 20 pounds.  I can NOT run.  I can still walk and do my recumbant bike that I have but to manage all according to my pain level.  I will repeat xrays in 2 months.  Those will actually just be mailed to them and after review will do a telephone update and go from there.  If all goes well and I keep on this same progress its looking like maybe starting physical therapy in December. 

So for now its no brace and starting back to the daily routine stuff.  We started talking about house cleaning and Brent and started joking about it and then we never let the dr finish telling me what was ok and not ok.  I secretly think that was Brent's plan all along!!!  I'm thinking that as long as I handle all in a slow and easy going process I should be able to stay on track.

The natural curve of my spine around the L-1 looks real good on the xrays and the dr really did a good job of trying to keep that as normal as possible.  I think I should be able to retain almost all range of motion, but that will be later down the line.

Again, thank you for all your prayers.  Please continue to pray for my recovery and my PATIENCE.  I do not want to do anything that will set me back.



Katie said...

PRAISE THE LORD! I am so happy for you that you're progressing well and things are healing correctly!

Oh, and your x-rays are crazy! Those things are IN your body?! Just remember...all those household chores WILL wait for you...or Brent, etc. :)

The Chance Family said...

So thankful you are healing! I've been praying for you (as a friend of Katie's from CCCHS). I just thought I'd mention that since I got sick I've had a couple of gals come in twice a week to keep up with my house since my boys leave it a mess. It is so reassuring and helpful and has helped me to get the rest I really need since I can't do all the housework by myself like I used to. Sometimes God has ways of keeping us in check! :) Hope you continue to heal. If you'd like the info for the ladies from Riley that clean, just email me: