Friday, October 1, 2010

6 screws and 2 pins

My kids got a kick out of this and thought you might too...These are after pictures that were taken today.  We didn't get any before pics.  It was 35 dollars (and you know how my hubby feels about "crap" like this) to have OUR medical records released to us from Wesley.  You would think after the amount we payed them, they could throw that in...Heck a hotel atleast gives you breakfast and/or coffee for 80 bucks!

Anyway...they aren't too gross...
I have no idea of the angles these were taken at. 

The part with the biggest gap is the L-1.  The one I broke.  It's hard to see a difference with out the before and after.  I am hoping we can get some type of pics.  We will probably just bite the bullet and do it. 

Where it is hallow is where he cleaned out everything in between the vertabrae's. 

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fosterroster said...

i heart looking at xrays!! wish they would give them to you!!