Friday, June 19, 2009

Alert Road Race

So I have my high carb meal ate and think I'm pretty hydrated and I am PRAYING for a good nights sleep and that O doesn't wake up, that Maddie doesn't have a bloody nose and brent doesn't snore. Brent and I are running tomorrow at 7:30am so if your up say a prayer for my husband and I. 6.2 miles is LONG WAY. But oh the kids from church need to go to CHIC. I will post pics tomorrow. Yeah Right. Who wants to see 2 red faced/sweaty/dying for a breath/ pics? You can go ahead and picture it in your head and then when you think you have it take that pic x's 10. That is how we shall look after the race! Oh Maddie and Garrett are running/walking the mile. They will do fine they aren't worried in the least!

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