Monday, June 15, 2009

Owen's 2nd Bday Party

Owen turns 2 on Thursday! Can't really believe it. I can't imagine how dull our lives would be without him in it. God really did have a plan bringing him into our lives when we least expected it! On Sunday night we had our family bday party. I like to do both sides at the same time. That way I don't have to get ready twice, but selfishly its so I only have to do ONE cake. I'm not a huge cake eater and I have no artistic ability at all. So coming up w/a cheap cake is always my biggest challenge. What you invision is not always what turns out. Owen is really into farm stuff (way way more than my other two) so I searched the internet on different "farm" cakes. So I took some notes and decided to do truck and stock trailer. G&G Craig have gray stock trailer and red truck. Surely it can't be THAT hard can it? Ok, so maybe I should start off by saying that I left my bag of groceries at the store so the night I wanted to make my white cake I only had one white cake mix instead of 2 so we went w/chocolate. I have NEVER had good luck w/choclate cake for decorating. This time was no excecption. Long story short we had a hot pink/red truck w/purple/gray stock trailer. Brent takes FULL credit for the cutting and designing of this cake and not that I want to admit it, but I take full responsibility in frosting the cake. Good news is that Owen atleast could tell what it was and started saying "cows, cows". Oh-and red frosting stained EVERYTHING it touched. From fingertips and hands to teeth and tongue. It will be a LONG time before I use red again.

A few pics of some gifts. To our families thank you so much for everything. He LOVES it all. Today was a much better Monday because of all the new stuff! Thanks
Owen w/cake
Truck and Stock-Trailer


ch said...

Happy Birthday on Thursday, Big O! You couldn't be cuter...

Unknown said...

cute cake Erica ~ you did a wonderful job! I can't believe Owen will be two!

Lori Craig said...

You always impress me with your cakes. I don't even try! Fun party!

Katie said...

That cake rocks! You two did a fantastic job!!!

Can't believe he's (almost) two already! Happy birthday Owen!